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André Belfort

André Belfort, established since 2006, embodies the relentless spirit of progress. Our automatic watches for both men and women represent a synthesis of craftsmanship, artistic innovation, and technical precision.

Chrono Diamond

Whoever knows how to appreciate Swiss high class workmanship, has an active lifestyle and attaches importance to light elegance and higher sportiness will find in Chrono Diamond® the right partner.


Modern technology, craftsmanship and the trend of the times are behind every Richtenburg clock.


Watches of the most sumptuous materials, geared to the grandness which they measure, by their functionality and elegance.

Mathieu Legrand

Mathieu Legrand combines the excellence of Swiss watchmaking with the history of the city of Zug.

Mathis Montabon

The collection of Mathis Montabon is an homage to time in every way! The idea of catching the magic of time and bringing it to life by creating fascinating watches is reflected in every single detail.

About us

In 2019, Joao Miguel Torres Nova, Chairman of the Board, and Bibiana Villanueva, CEO, took over the company through a management buyout (MBO). Since then, a lot has happened and a reorganisation has been carried out at all levels.

Bibiana Villanueva CEO,
Board of Directors

"Chronos Manufactures is close to my heart. From Switzerland, our watches go all over the world and bring joy to their wearers. That's what I'm committed to."

Joao Miguel, Torres Nova
Chairman of the Board of Directors

"Watches have always inspired me - I inherited 2,000 watches of all kinds from my father. Sharing this passion with other people drives me every day."